A security package specific error occurred(1825)

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A while ago I wanted to view the event log of a server. For this task there is no need to log in using remote desktop. However when I fired up the event log viewer and tried to connect to the NetBIOS name of my server I got the following error:


Using remote desktop I could connect just fine to the server. At least that’s what it looked like. Locally I could open the event log without issues. But I saw events which couldn’t possibly be logged on this server. And then it came clear, there was an IP conflict! To be honest it’s a lab environment so these things can happen occasionally.

The reason this fails is because my client (my administration pc) asks AD for a Kerberos Ticket for server x whilst when connecting I’m actually presenting this Kerberos Ticket to server y. This results in a server receiving a ticket encrypted with a password other than it’s own. Result: the above error.

Thomas, we should have updated the CMDB, Vuylsteke

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8 Response to A security package specific error occurred(1825)

22 November, 2010 13:02

This error can also occur when the time on your server is incorrect...

14 June, 2011 15:23

In my case it was incorrect time on the machine I was trying to connect to.

14 June, 2011 23:29

Thanks for the feedback! Definately interesting to keep in mind.

09 November, 2011 23:14

Two records on the same DNS address can do this too.

01 April, 2015 22:56

THis can also happen if the password stored in the Credential manager is old/ Remove the credentail and should work.

09 September, 2015 00:15


24 March, 2017 07:25

It also happens When "The trust relationship between this workstation and primary domain failed".

01 June, 2017 20:42

For me, had the wrong IP in my DNS cache. Ye old ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /registerdns worked to clear my error.

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