HP SIM: Performance Management Pack and Windows 2008

Published on Thursday, January 29, 2009 in ,

The customer I'm currently working at has some c7000 enclosures with Insight Control licenses which gives us the ability to monitor the servers with the HP SIM Performance Management Pack. For a windows 2003 hosts the process is quit straightforward: license, configuring logging, monitoring and sample rate and after a while all is fine.

For all our Windows 2008 hosts I encountered the following problem: at the page where the currently selected target systems get analyzed, all Windows 2008 hosts appear as licensed but they are reported as "unsupported configurations". After double checking the PMP supported OS list, I found out Windows 2008 is fully supported. What bothered me was a counter in the upper left corner which stated that there were several unreachable licensed servers.

After googling I found the following ITRC post: Error unsupported configuration which led me to a solution. I generally dislike the idea of altering database content, but I even less liked the idea of having to change the system properties of each Windows 2008 SIM object. So I came up with the following solution: The PMP_V3_0 database contains a table dbo.supported_software which contains all currently supported OS' by PMP. There are several lines which describe all 2008 flavours, though the exact names slightly mismatched what HP SIM was reporting on the System Properties summary. I simply copied the rows and altered them as seen below on the screenshot:


I'm aware that this is the type of solution which might get broken by a PMP upgrade. But it sure made the HP PMP plugin work for all our Windows 2008 hosts.

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