HP C-Class blades: bulk iLO configuration

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People working with HP RDP or the Smartstart Scripting toolkit probably know hponcfg. The HP Online Configuration utility. It can be used to configure the iLO interface of a server by means of XML files.
Mostly you can use it just from withing the OS running on the server. Lately I found out it is also provided as an option on the Onboard Administrator.

When opening a ssh (or telnet) session to the Onboard Administrator (the management interface of a c-class enclosure), the same tool is available. The advantage is that you can target all iLO interfaces at once.

It could be quit usefull when you forgot the password and want to reset it or just when you have no clue about the IP which was set either manually or by dhcp. It might be used to upgrade the firmware of all iLO's at once.

After setting up a ssh session, type help to receive an overview of the possible commands.

hponcfg ALL << * (press enter)
(paste iLO xml script)
* (press enter)

The "*" is actually a marker which should not be used in the pasted xml script. It's a way to show the command where the script begins and ends.

Sample scripts:

  • Delete HP SIM trust

  • <RIBCL VERSION="2.0">
      <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">
        <SSO_INFO MODE="write">
          <DELETE_SERVER INDEX="0" />

  • Configure Active Directory integration

  • <RIBCL version = "2.0">
       <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD=" ">
       <DIR_INFO MODE="write">
          <DIR_LOCAL_USER_ACCT VALUE = "Y"/>
          <DIR_SERVER_ADDRESS VALUE = "domain.local"/>
          <DIR_SERVER_PORT VALUE = "636"/>
          <DIR_OBJECT_DN VALUE = ""/>
          <DIR_USER_CONTEXT_1 VALUE = "@domain.local"/>
          <DIR_USER_CONTEXT_2 VALUE = "OU=Server Admins,OU=Users,OU=site,DC=domain,DC=local"/>
          <DIR_USER_CONTEXT_3 VALUE = ""/>
       <DIR_ENABLE_GRP_ACCT value = "yes"/>
       <DIR_GRPACCT1_NAME value = "CN=IloAdmins,OU=Security,OU=Groups,OU=site,DC=domain,DC=local"/>
       <DIR_GRPACCT1_PRIV value = "1,2,3,4,5"/>

  • Configure HP SIM and trust by certificate to enable SSO

  • <RIBCL version = "2.0">
    <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD=" ">
    <SSO_INFO MODE="write">
    <!-- Add an SSO server record using indirect iLO import from -->
    <!-- the network name. -->

    Other iLO XML sample scripts can be found at: HP.com

    Another usefull command available at the Onboard Administrator is the "reset" command. You can use it like this reset server 4. In this case the command would temporary remove all power from blade 4. This can be usefull when the iLO is all locked up. It saves you a walk to the datacenter.

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    2 Response to HP C-Class blades: bulk iLO configuration

    Kris Stacey
    29 January, 2009 00:45


    I look after a very large C-class customer and i regularly need to reset/reboot the ILO. I am creating a SSH session to the OA using Putty. I've tried multiple ways to make this script work and by all accounts it should, but it doesn't actually reset/reboot the ILO. Script below:



    Any ideas?

    29 January, 2009 22:00

    I guess your script got killed by wordpress. Posting XML is not that straightforward.
    Let me know if the following steps are ok:

    what you need to do is the following:

    Login to the OA using putty for example with an account which has rights to administer blades.

    Type: "hponcfg ALL << *"
    Press Enter
    Copy Paste:

    <RIBCL VERSION="2.0">
    <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">
    <RIB_INFO MODE="write">

    Press Enter
    Type: "*"
    Press Enter

    This will reset all ILO's, the "user_login" and password values can be ignored. These are only required when launching this commands remotely.

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