Display authentication used when accessing an IIS website

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When playing around with web services and kerberos, the following might be usefull determine which authentication is actually being used.

Copy past the code below in a test.asp file, put it in the root of your web server, make
sure asp is enabled and it will tell you what kind of authentication your are using:
* Kerberos
* Anonymous

DIM userID
Dim AuthMethod
Dim AuthType
Dim AuthLength
Dim AuthOther
' Get the authentication method being used.
userID= Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")

Response.Write "<br> User Id = " & userID
' Get the authentication method being used.
AuthMethod = Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_TYPE")
' Get the length of the HTTP_Authorization header (to determine Kerberos or NTLM).
AuthLength = Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP_Authorization")
' If some other authentication method (other than Negotiate) is used, call it "Other".
If LTrim(RTrim(AuthMethod)) <> "Negotiate" Then AuthOtherMethod
' If Negotiate is used, go straight to the subroutine to handle it.
If LTrim(RTrim(AuthMethod)) = "Negotiate" Then AuthNegotiateMethod

Sub AuthOtherMethod()
' Because anonymous authentication will be blank, be sure that you realize that it is enabled to the following:
If LTrim(RTrim(AuthMethod)) = "" Then AuthMethod = "Anonymous"
Response.Write "<table width=500>The user was logged in using the <B>" & AuthMethod & "</B> authentication method."
Response.Write "<P> If you were expecting a different method to be used,"
Response.Write " please check the settings for the resource you are accessing. Remember, selecting"
Response.Write " multiple authentication methods, or allowing anonymous access can result in a "
Response.Write " different method being used.</table>"
End Sub

Sub AuthNegotiateMethod()
' Typically, NTLM yields a 150 - 300 byte header, and Kerberos is more like 5000 bytes.
If LEN(AuthLength) > 1000 Then AuthType = "Kerberos"
If LEN(AuthLength) < 1000 Then AuthType = "NTLM"
Response.Write "<table width=500>The <B>Negotiate</B> method was used!<BR>"
' Indicate the authentication method that is used to authenticate the user (and show a warning about the script).
Response.Write "The user was logged on using <B>" & AuthType & "</B>."
Response.Write "<P><font color=#800000><B>Please do not refresh this page</B></font>.<BR>"
Response.Write " If you do use refresh, <B>Kerberos</B> will always show up as <B>NTLM</B>."
Response.Write " This is because the HTTP_Authorization header is being used to determine the authentication method used."
Response.Write " Since the second request is technically unauthenticated, the length is zero. Please open a new browser"
Response.Write " for any subsequent requests.</table>"
End Sub


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