Windows 2012 File Server: SRMSVC Events In Event Log

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We’re currently defining a new build for our file servers. On one of the servers we installed in the test environment we started seeing a lot of errors in the Application event log.

The events we were seeing:

Event 12344:

File Server Resource Manager finished syncing claims from Active Directory and encountered errors during the sync (0x80072030, There is no such object on the server.
).  Please check previous event logs for details.

Event 12339:

File Server Resource Manager failed to find the claim list 'Global Resource Property List' in Active Directory (ADsPath: LDAP://domaincontroller.contoso.com/CN=Global Resource Property List,CN=Resource Property Lists,CN=Claims Configuration,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=contoso,DC=com). Please check that the claims list configured for this machine in Group Policy exists in Active Directory.

As you can see these were piling up real fast:


From what I can tell these started happing after we configured File Quota’s. In order to do this we added the File Server Resource Manager feature. A quick google led me to the following solution: in order to avoid this errors, a schema upgrade to Windows 2012 is required. Our domain is currently on 2008 R2. I didn’t performed the upgrade just yet, but I wanted to share this nonetheless.

My sources for this information:


UAG 2010: The URL you have requested is too long.

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For a customer of mine we’ve setup a UAG which is configured as a Relying Party of an AD FS 2.0 server. This means the trunk itself is configured to use ADFS as it’s authentication server. It seems that upon accessing any application of this trunk we are redirected to the AD FS server, as expected, but UAG greets us with an error page containing "The URL you have requested is too long." For this setup we are publishing the AD FS server over that exact same trunk. So to be more precise, UAG is acting as an AD FS proxy as well.

UAG version in place: UAG 2010 SP3 U1

Here's some more background information regarding this specific issue: TechNet: UAG ADFS 2.0 Trunk Authentication fails: The URL you have requested is too long.

The error:


In words:

The URL you have requested is too long.

Navigate back and follow another link, or type in a different URL.

In the end we opened up a case with Microsoft and they came back with this registry key:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


In order to properly apply this setting:

  • Set the key
  • Activate the UAG configuration
  • Perform an IIS Reset

The actual value is for testing only, for a real production environment I would start with 8192 (bytes), watch out, the key is in HEX, and slowly move up until I feel I have a confortable marge.