Win 8 Client (Dev Preview): Manage Wireless Networks, Where Art Thou?

Published on Monday, October 24, 2011 in

When I started using Windows 8 I wanted to manually define a Wireless Network to connect to. Win 8 really does it best to make this as dummy proof as possible. One of the options I was missing was an overview of all networks I had been connected to in the past. In fact this is what I was looking for:


I might be missing the obvious, or It might be hidden somewhere in the new shiny Metro UI, but I didn’t found it. Here’s how you can start it:

just copy paste “explorer.exe shell:::{1fa9085f-25a2-489b-85d4-86326eedcd87}” in your start – run or a command prompt.

If I ‘m correct, I believe in Windows 7 you can find a shortcut to this in the Network and Sharing Center.

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24 Response to Win 8 Client (Dev Preview): Manage Wireless Networks, Where Art Thou?

25 October, 2011 08:29

Does: Start-Run-ncpa.cpl not work any more?

25 October, 2011 09:22

Oh absolutely yes. I use that one a lot on servers as well. But that gives an overview of your network adapters. Not of your wireless networks. Unless there's a shortcut from there on.

19 November, 2011 21:51

Great...I was missing this very much (Im playing with ad-hoc networks). Thank you

19 December, 2011 15:00

Hey Thanks For This Amazing Tip. I am looking for "Manage Wireless Networks" in Window Developer Preview(8) so many times.
Your information are great.

09 February, 2012 08:07

Thanks! Now I can use my tablet again.

08 March, 2012 06:38

how would i delete the manage wireless networks in the desktop??

11 March, 2012 02:22

Thanks for the shortcut! But in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, if I click on "Add", then "Create an adhoc network" nothing happens. Do you have a solution to connect my phone to internet using the computer? I don't want to use programs like Connectify... Thank you!

28 March, 2012 22:51

Thanks, I was looking for this. How in the world do you find shortcuts to things like that?

12 April, 2012 20:30

Found it with google for sure. Don't know why I didn't mentioned my source... must have lost it by the time I had some spare time to write this. Thanks to all for the thumbs up!

17 May, 2012 09:13

can any one please clear my doubt???
“explorer.exe shell:::{1fa9085f-25a2-489b-85d4-86326eedcd87}” is not working with win8 build 8370 why???

23 May, 2012 17:11

I found how to access the Manual adding of a Wireless network on Build 8375...

- Go to Desktop view
- Right click on the toolbar menu to bring up the menu popup
- Select Toolbars -> Desktop
- A 'Desktop' option will be added to your toolbar
- From 'Desktop', access 'Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center'
- There is an option to 'Set up a new connection or network'
- click on the 'Manually connect to a wireless network'
- Dialogue is displayed to enable you to add in your settings

24 May, 2012 21:58

Hey you are right, but that's how you add one. If you want to edit that profile later, or set some special settings, you are still better off with the shortcut I provided, I think.

Thanks for posting!

05 June, 2012 03:17

This doesn't work in Consumer Preview. Any alternative?

06 June, 2012 12:56

I'm running Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250) and it works here...

06 June, 2012 12:57

Oh, I'm not sure if it's Obvious or not, but you have to leave the " of the command...

28 June, 2012 23:48
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28 June, 2012 23:51

Help! It's not working in release preview!

25 July, 2012 05:14

I'm using Windows 8 RC (build 8400) and this didn't work, any other solutions?.

28 July, 2012 01:15

haven't gotten my hands on a RC build yet... I'll update if I do.

16 September, 2012 23:32

Doesn't work for me anymore on Windows 8 RTM (Version 6.2.9200).

17 September, 2012 10:14

I have Windows 8 final, but when i try this, it will open my Documents?

19 September, 2012 08:16

Posted an update with some workarounds: http://setspn.blogspot.be/2012/09/win-8-client-manage-wireless-networks.html If there's other (better) options feel free to comment!

15 March, 2013 10:07

its not working for me using win8

24 March, 2013 10:18

Have you checked this follow up article? http://setspn.blogspot.be/2012/09/win-8-client-manage-wireless-networks.html

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