Win 8 Client: Manage Wireless Networks, Where Art Thou? Follow Up

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A while ago I posted a workaround to manage the more advanced settings of wireless networks: Win 8 Client (Dev Preview): Manage Wireless Networks, Where Art Thou?

In some of the comments I read that in the final version the explorer.exe shell:: command did no longer worked. After verifying on my own fresh install I noticed that this was indeed the case. However, there’s other possibilities which make it less bad. You can now access the advanced settings in the followings ways:

1. Just before finishing the creation of a new network:

In the network and sharing center click “set up a new…”


Choose “Manually connected to a …”


After entering some basic parameters you can choose “Change connection settings” before clicking close.


2 For an existing network connection:

Ok, my title is a bit misleading, I think you can only edit this one if the SSID is actually accessible. Meaning you are actually in the physical location where the Wireless LAN is supposed to be. So I’m not saying authentication should succeed, but the SSID should be “online”. So in a lot of situations this might be sufficient.

When clicking the network item in the tray a bar will appear to the right with your networks in it. You can right-click it and choose “view connection properties”.


3 By deleting and re-adding the profile:

Yep, this one is not funny, but for now I don’t see any other options. I actually found this one on the following blog: Ryan McIntyre : Windows 8 Missing “Manage Wireless Networks”

  • Show the profiles: netsh wlan show profile
  • Delete a profile: netsh wlan delete profile “profile name”
  • Recreate it using the GUI and make sure you now do it properly


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2 Response to Win 8 Client: Manage Wireless Networks, Where Art Thou? Follow Up

15 December, 2012 16:49

Be careful not to copy and paste the text above that says:

netsh wlan delete profile “profile name”

If you just replace "profile name" with your profile, it won't work. The text in the blog post uses curled quotes, but netsh requires straight quotes. Just type, or copy and pasted this instead:

netsh wlan delete profile "profile name"

04 February, 2013 12:17

Thanks! Great post you have written on "Win 8 Client: Manage Wireless Networks, Where Art Thou? Follow Up". Really I can say that your post is very informative, I'll come across your blog again when you will update it with new.



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