Microsoft Community Contributor Award!

Published on Thursday, February 17, 2011 in

When I opened my mail today I was glad to see I got awarded with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award for 2011. It’s great to be recognized for my blogging, TechNet forums & wiki efforts. Thanks Microsoft! Thanks Community! Participating in this community is about giving and taking. I’m more than glad to do my fair share of sharing information!


For those that don’t know the award: Microsoft Community Contributor FAQ

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3 Response to Microsoft Community Contributor Award!

18 February, 2011 09:38

Thomas, congratulations! You've deserved it!

18 February, 2011 15:26

I agree with Peter!
(...also the reason why I gave you a vote for it a couple of weeks ago)

21 February, 2011 20:23

Thanks for the votes and the thumbs up Peter and Henrik!

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