Forefront UAG 2010: Change Internal Network Range

Published on Monday, February 21, 2011 in

Very recently I started toying around with UAG (Unified Access Gateway)  2010. Right after installing and following step 1 of the wizard (select your Internal Network) I decided to change my subnets. Changing network adapters to another subnet is easy, however my UAG configuration fun was halted for some reason:


In words:

The UAG configuration cannot be retrieved from Forefront TMG storage. An error has occurred and UAG will close. Check that TMG services are running. If the UAG server is a domain member, verify connectivity to the domain controller.

Luckily I know TMG (Threat Management Gateway). The UAG manages this TMG instance for you by letting you complete various wizards. I couldn’t access the UAG console but the TMG console launched just fine. This allowed me to change the Internal Network definition:


After a reboot I was able to launch the UAG console. Promptly it presented me the following question:


In my opinion that should rather be an OK box than a yes/no prompt as the no option sounds rather unpleasant… Smile


And now we’re off the discover what’s UAG all about!

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