Azure Management Portal: Properly Remove Co-Adminstrators Permissions

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Something I’ve noticed for a while now: whenever I perform an Add-AzureAccount I see more subscriptions being returned than I’d expect. The list I have to choose from in the old portal (manage.windowsazure.com) is definitely not showing that much subscriptions. The new portal (portal.azure.com) displays also more subscriptions than I’d expect. The problem to sort those out is that many of those belong to subscriptions I’ve once have gotten access to, but now I no longer have. Either from customers or test subscriptions from colleagues.

For test purpose subscriptions I don’t really care whether people take my permissions away or not. But for production subscriptions I feel more at ease when I don’t have any permissions I don’t need anyway. Lately a customer mentioned my permissions were taken away, but I still saw their entry in the new Portal. Hmm, odd! Here’s how that’s possible:

First off, Initially I was granted access on my Microsoft Account (invisibal_at_gmail.com) through the old Portal:


Now I could manage that subscription through both old and new Portal.


And as I also worked for another “customer”, I had multiple subscriptions to manage, Setspn and RealDolmen Azure POC:


After my work was done, the customer removed me from the list of Administrators of the Setspn subscription.



Now when I log in to the old Portal (manage.windowsazure.com) I’ll only see the other subscription.


However, when I log on to the new Portal, it’s still there!


Trying to show “all resources” of the Setspn subscription shows nothing. As expected.


The same is observed through PowerShell:


Now the only solution I could think is to also remove the live ID from the Azure Active Directory the subscription is linked to.



After removing the user from the Azure AD, you’ll no longer see the subscription in the new Portal:


Well as you can see, not exactly… Typically when you try to reproduce things for screenshots, it doesn’t happen or it goes wrong. This is a case “it goes wrong”.  I tried a few times, but the GUID (belonging to the Azure AD I was part of) kept appearing… All I can say whenever the customer actually removed me from their Azure AD it got properly removed from my Azure Portal UI and PowerShell experience….


I’m pretty sure the only reason you keeping seeing the entry in the new Portal is because you still have the User role assigned in the Azure Active Directory instance. So in a way you’re not really seeing the subscription, but rather the Azure Active Directory instance. But the issue remains the same, it clutters your PowerShell (get-AzureSubscription) and Portal UI experience. So whenever someone takes your co-administrator permissions away, ask them to also remove you from the Azure AD instance.

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