Windows 7 and the RemoteApp Connection URL Issue

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Some weeks ago I had a customer which experienced issues with RemoteApp on Windows 8: Setspn: Windows 8.1 and the RemoteApp Connection URL GPO Setting Issue Now I had another customer with a similar issue. This one was working with Windows 7 and we were entering the URL manually (for now). Upon entering the URL we got greeted with an error:


In order to find out what was going on I thought I’d run a process monitor alongside with it. After filtering most of the success/harmless messages, here’s what’s left:


The one that got my attention was the “NOT IMPLEMENTED” one. It got me thinking. The users logging on to Windows 7 have their appDataRoaming redirected to a folder in their home share. And we use offline files and folders as well. Due to the fact that I was messing around with Direct Access I had my home folder as "work offline”:

Workspace2 - Copy

After transitioning to “work online”:

Workspace3 - Copy

All seemed to go well:


Seems a pretty specific case, but as usual, if I ran into it, perhaps other people will as well.

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