SharePoint 2010: Custom Claim Provider and the People Picker

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Lately we got notified of a small bug in our claim provider we deployed on a SharePoint 2010 farm. In short, when using the “regular” people picker results were being returned just fine. It allowed people to search for both user and group claims. Now it seems that you can modify the behavior of the default picker. The default one results in a picker which is called "Search for People and Groups”. But by specifying some parameter of the field you are defining you can also force it to only “Search for People”. The latter however didn’t returned anything.

Here’s a small overview of the allowed types: MSDN: SPFieldUserSelectionMode

  • UserSelectionMode = PeopleAndGroup


  • UserSelectionMode = PeopleOnly


We still didn’t had any clue why the people picker wasn’t returning anything. So we decided to double check our code behind the searching and resolving. The only reason we found that could cause the people picker to return nothing was this line of code:

if (!EntityTypesContain(entityTypes, SPClaimEntityTypes.FormsRole))

To be honest we had that line in there because we created our custom claim provider based upon this sample: MSDN: Claims Walkthrough: Writing Claims Providers for SharePoint 2010 This article has the following statement:

One thing that is important to note here—if you are not creating identity claims, then a claim can be used to provision almost any security item in a SharePoint site except for a site collection administrator. Fortunately, we do get a clue when a search is being performed for a site collection administrator. When that happens, the entityTypes array will have only one item, and it will be Users. In all other circumstances you will normally see at least six items in the entityTypes array. If you are the default claims provider for a SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer, then you do issue identity claims, and therefore you can assign one of your identity claims to the site collection administrator. In this case, because this provider is not an identity provider, we will add a special check when we fill the hierarchy because we do not want to add a hierarchy we know we will never use.

After reading that a few times we started putting things together. We added some verbose logging to print the entityTypes and we found out that the only EntityType present was the Users one when searching in the “Search for People” picker. This small if statement exist to prevent you from adding a non-identity claim as a site collection administrator. In our case we can easily adjust or even skip this test altogether because we are using identity claims anyhow! We are not allowing to pick a claim like “favorite color”, which more than one user could have, but we set claims based upon the “UPN” which is an identifier claim in our setup.

Kudos to @ArneDeruwe who originally wrote this claim provider for this project. Together we were able to tackle this problem.

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