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The FIM team did it’s best the past few days to put some KB articles out there making the hotfixes available and perhaps even more important explaining what was fixed and which features were added!

build 4.0.2592.0 (RTM)

build 4.0.3531.2 (Update 1): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/978864/

build 4.0.3547.2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2028634/

  • Several fixes
  • Alternative to DirSync permissions for AD MA account: “ADMAUseACLSecurity” registry key
  • Adds back a checkbox on the AD MA to enable an account to be unlocked when a password is synchronized
  • CPU usage remaining at 98% after AD MA doing exports

build 4.0.3558.2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2272389

  • Several fixes
  • SSPR QA gate can be extend with a link to the data policy of the organisation through the use of the “PrivacyLink” registry key
  • Attribute precedence/recall with the FIM MA now works as it should

build 4.0.3561.2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2417774

  • Several fixes
  • Support to apply the password history policy

build 4.0.3573.2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2417774

  • Several fixes
  • Support to apply the password history policy
  • Solved the export-change-not-reimported issue when the recycle bin is enabled
  • Asynchronous export for FIM MA

P.S. all rollups are cumulative so you don’t have to install them all. Just pick RTM and your build of choice.

I’m definitely awaiting for a fix for the group membership issue with the recycle bin turned on.

[Update 1/02/2011] Made some changes to include the latest build (4.0.3573.2)

[Update 27/03/2011] I will not be updating this blogpost any more. For the latest FIM 2010 build info check: TechNet Wiki Article: FIM 2010 Build Overview

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6 Response to FIM Build Overview

01 February, 2011 17:04

Article 2417774 has been updated and now contains version 4.0.3573.2

(with an asynchronous FIM MA!!)


01 February, 2011 21:44

Thanks a lot for the heads up Frank! I've been waiting for this hotfix for quit some time now. Finally an official rollup package that includes the recycle bin fix.

25 March, 2011 10:07

And a new build is available (4.0.3576.2)


25 March, 2011 23:10

Thanks for the info on this site. I have a question (unless this is not the right forum for it); is there a way to slipstream the FIM client add-ins and extensions? This is so the RTM bits don't have to be installed first.

27 March, 2011 15:51

Thanks for the tip about the new build Frank!

I've added the info to the TechNet Wiki article we are maintaining about the available builds: FIM 2010 Build Overview

27 March, 2011 16:01


Check the following topics on the FIM TechNet forums. it's advised to install the RTM bits first and then patch up to the desired level. Slipstreaming is not supported and causes issues:

Password Reset Extensions: ctrl-alt-del shows each logon option twice
FIM Add-In Extenison missing reset password option on Ctrl-Alt-Delete screen

You can ask here any question, any time, but I think you'll get help quicker at the FIM TechNet Forums: FIM 2010 TechNet Forums

Good luck,

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