VMware Workstation: Bridged Networking: No Internet in VM

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Mostly when I’m working with VM’s on my desktop I do not really require internet access from inside the VM. Whatever I need I download on my host and I drag and drop it into the VM. Lately I started playing Age Of Empires 2: The Conquerors again, and due to instability I wanted to play it inside a Windows XP VM. When I configured my VM its network as bridged, it received a DHCP address from my router, it could ping the router, but DNS requests were not succeeding. Weird. Started binging around and I came upon this: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/250656?tstart=210#1454201

As a (free, x64 compatible) alternative to the Cisco VPN client I sometimes use Shrew Soft VPNClient. It binds its protocol to your LAN adapter. When I unchecked it from my LAN adapter on my host, bridged internet connectivity immediately started working.

  • My VMware Workstation version: 7.0.0 build-203739
  • My host OS version: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (build 7600)


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7 Response to VMware Workstation: Bridged Networking: No Internet in VM

13 October, 2010 13:44

Thanks, this was really helpful. Turned out I had the exact same problem. Like a needle in a haystack.

22 January, 2011 13:18

just bridging worked fine for me. just have to make sure to disable/re-enable network adapter in the VM box or the IP address won't get re-assigned after you change to Bridged mode

02 August, 2011 14:39

Had the same problem, but with an "AVG Network Filter Driver." Before disabling that, I could resolve and ping Internet hosts but not access sites. Very strange.

14 March, 2012 10:44

Good, Immediately working. Thanks so muc

04 May, 2013 19:16

Thanks a lot. It really saved the day for me. Infact for me, I am running workstation 8 and bridged networking was working fine in all the VMs and suddenly it stopped working. I had no idea why. Then i uninstalled workstation 8 and installed 7 and then installed 9 but still no luck Suddendly I saw your post and then checked the settings on my machine for the network adapter that is used for bridged networking and found "DNE LightWeight Filter" which is related to Citrix. I unchecked this filter and bridged networking started working in all my VMs and also internet started working. I was struggling with this issue for 4 days. Thanks for the great post

06 May, 2013 10:22

Thanks for taking the time to post back. Greatly appreciated. Glad I could help

07 April, 2015 14:56

Thanks for this hint! Was really like a needle in a giant haystack. In my case the problem was caused by an active OpenVPN connection. I just unchecked the "VMWare Bridge" entry in the settings of the virtual network-card which was created by OpenVPN and 3 seconds later my virtual Windows 7 client got finally his IP adress.

Greetings and a big thanks after 4 hours of painful google-searches!

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