UAG: You have attempted to access a restricted URL

Published on Saturday, March 23, 2013 in ,

One of the things I noticed during my latest UAG project is that users seemed to be redirect to some sort of error page. In short: if they logged on to a SharePoint site published over UAG and then had their session time out, after click “ok”, they’d be presented with the “You have attempted to access a restricted URL” error.


Using the UAG web monitor, I was able to get a more specific error:

A request from source IP address x.x.x.x, user to trunk secure; Secure=1 for application Internal Site of type InternalSite failed because
the URL /InternalSite/SessionTimeout.asp?site_name=secure&secure=1 must not contain parameters. The method is GET.


So I started investigating the URL Set of the trunk where I was seeing the issue. I could indeed see that the rule didn’t not expected (allowed) parameters. The rule in question was for the URL /InternalSite/SessionTimeout.asp


I peeked around, and I found out that the rule /InternalSite/setpolicy.asp had these exact two parameters. This made adding them to our rule pretty easy, just click each parameter and chose the copy (and paste) option.


After pasting the rules we needed to perform some minor modifications:

  • Change the rule to Handle (instead of Reject) parameters
  • Modify the Existence to Optional


Save and activate the configuration and now your users shouldn’t be presented with this unexpected message.


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29 May, 2013 11:39

Thanks Thomas
I just ran into the exact same issue and your step by step fix was exactly what i was looking for.

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