SCCM 2007: DCM Development Tip

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The actual reason why I’m toying around with DCM (Desired Configuration Management) will be explained in my next post. But here’s a tip I’ve found to be quit practical when trying to get your CI (Configuration Item) configuration right.

I quickly found out that whenever you changed settings in the CI you’ve had to initiate the Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle action so that the Conf Manager client would have the latest version of your Baseline/CI.


In the Configuration Manager client you’ve got a button called Evaluate on the last tab which you can use to actually allow the CI to be evaluated and give you a report displaying the current compliance state.


In the screenshot you see “Unknown:Scopel….” but that’s just a GUI refresh thingy. After a few minutes it’s properly displayed. Now this part is easy. Now on the other hand I was switching a regkey by hand on the client in order to trigger the various possible outcomes of my baseline. And after I while I figured out that there had to occur some caching behind the scene’s…

Using google I found an explanation at the following forum: myitforum.com:[mssms] Configuring DCM to detect (Default) Value name [mdfdr5]

And then I started using the following workaround in order to avoid the 15’ interval:


By appending a number to the CI name I was triggering a version increase. This in turn causes the cached result to be come invalid and ensures my evaluation always gives the most up to date answer. It’s a bit dirty and causes for a high version number, but on the other hand, this is in a test environment, and it’s damn easy like this.

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11 July, 2013 23:59

You can trigger a DCM scan from Roger Zander's SCCM Client Center. Works much better than the control panel.

13 July, 2013 00:23

thanks for the feedback. I'll check the client center out for sure!

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