Windows 7: Configure RSAT Fails

Published on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 in

Recently we installed the KB (KB958830) which adds the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) to a Windows 7 computer. Installing this KB is a two step process: first you install the bits, afterwards you enable the required tools in the Turn Windows features on or off section of the Windows Configuration Panel.

In our case adding tools like Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC) went fine, but we were unable to add the Active Directory Administrative Center:


Clicking OK starts the configuration of the selected components:


Which finally result in:


In words: An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed.This is followed by a prompt to restart the computer. In my case I ignored this. After some googling I started suspected are favorite trouble-causer: Antivirus. So I started the McAfee console as an Administrator, unlocked the interface and disabled the On Access Scanner. Remark: in order to do so you first need to stop the Access Protection.


And now I could check the Active Directory Administrative Center and the configuration finishes gracefully… Probably some exclusion would fix this for good, however for now I lack time to dig deeper…

Also related, in the Event Log, below the Setup section, I found the following event entry:

Update RemoteServerAdministrationTools-Roles-AD-DS-AdministrativeCenter of package KB958830 failed to be turned on. Status: 0x80070643.


Perhaps this might help people finding this post faster.

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18 Response to Windows 7: Configure RSAT Fails

12 January, 2012 17:10

Ah McAfee...Thanks for the tip!

08 February, 2012 11:08

Cheers Mate

17 February, 2012 17:48

It took a lot of digging to find this post, but I stopped all of the McAfee Services and was able to turn on the AD features I needed. Thanks for the tip.

13 March, 2012 17:07

Many thanks - this wasn't easy to find but turned out to be the root cause. We'll be reporting it to our account managers at McAfee.

07 August, 2012 01:09

awesome, disabling McAfee fixed it. Thank you so much for posting this.

09 August, 2012 16:18

Thank you, this is the only solution that worked for me.

04 September, 2012 00:36


03 January, 2013 23:18

Excellent tip. Thank you very much it worked after struggle with this error.

24 January, 2013 18:06

that's it. THX

19 February, 2013 23:09

life saver!!!!

03 July, 2013 01:16

I know this is probably old but I just discovered that at my company, we had to enable Virtualization in the BIOS of the newer PCs before it could work. I think the Hyper-V manager add-on in the RSAT suite of tools requires it.

03 July, 2013 22:52

Weird. Indeed if you want to run Hyper-V on your Windows 8 machine you'll need the virtualization feature enabled in your BIOS. But for the management I don't expect that to be necessary.

17 September, 2013 11:59

thanks. working good!

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30 July, 2014 22:16

Just ran into this issue my self. You would think McAfee would have this logged in the onAccess log or something like that wouldn't you?

31 July, 2014 13:13

I don't really know whether it was the on access scanner that blocked something or whether something else of McAfee was into play... In this case I was glad the issue was resolved and didn't digged any deeper.

28 January, 2016 13:36

It worked for one of my domain clients, as well, thank you!

08 June, 2018 12:39

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28 June, 2018 17:11

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