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Published on Friday, September 10, 2010 in

While troubleshooting FIM Portal stuff I happen to visit the “requests” section sometimes, often you get some decent feedback about which MPR is blocking you. I had noticed that the time of the requests was behind my time. Perhaps something obvious for other, but rather by coincidence I stumbled upon the “Portal Configuration” in the “Administration” section of the FIM portal. This will allow to configure the time zone the times in the portal are displayed in.

Just click it and choose the extended attribute tab.


Then you can click the browse button. By altering the “Search Within” to “All Resources” and typing “GMT” (as an example) you can easily get an overview of all GMT options. Pick the one you require and your good to go! No more requests which display as hours in the past. An IIS reset might be required, I was doing a lot of resets and restarts so I’m not sure whether is was required :)


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3 Response to FIM: Portal Time Zone Configuration

05 September, 2013 14:03

Just tried this... and can confirm that IISReset is what you need to take effect.

05 September, 2013 14:07

In FIM R2 SP1, you need to search for "(GMT" or "*GMT", but my favourite, "*Madrid*" for GMT+1 :)

05 September, 2013 14:48

Thanks for confirming!

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